MALN Opinion+: Tram T. Nguyen

Hugo Balta

Welcome to another episode of MALN Opinion+! We are excited to have a weekly program dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of Massachusetts’s Latino community. 

We spoke with MA House Representative Tram T. Nguyen this week about her professional career and work, the pandemic’s effects on the state legislature, along with the ongoing rise of discrimination against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. 

Rep. Nguyen entered this year with 27 bills in the works, including her Hate Crime Bill and another that would promote racially and socially inclusive education. Nguyen spoke on the drastic increase in Anti-Asian racism and how it has influenced her policy work—learn more about it and the resources available to residents in today’s interview.  

Resources mentioned in the video: 

Cover Photo Credit: Andover Townsman