MALN Opinion+: Michael Bobbitt

Hugo Balta

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Welcome to another episode of MALN Opinion+! We are excited to have a weekly program dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of Massachusetts’s Latino community. 

We spoke with Michael J. Bobbitt, Executive Director of Mass Cultural Council about the importance of cultural and art advocacy within the state of Massachusetts. Bobbitt also discussed Mass Cultural Council’s post pandemic operations and safety reconnection plan. 

It’s no secret that the pandemic took a huge toll on the arts. Bobbitt says that there was a 588 million dollar net loss across arts and culture organizations and that equated to the loss of 31 million jobs. The Mass Cultural Council is working to fight this and advocate for more budget to adapt to the post-COVID-19 world through their Power of Culture advocacy campaign. You can call your legislator and advocate for the campaign today!

Residents should also explore grant opportunities for creatives. The Artist Fellowship receives direct grants given to artists to recognize their original work. 

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