MALN Opinion+: Jetta Bernier

Hugo Balta

Welcome to another episode of MALN Opinion+! We are excited to have a weekly program dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of Massachusetts’s Latino community. 

We spoke with Executive Director Jetta Bernier of MassKids about the organization’s latest advocacy work, the heightened risks children face throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and how residents can participate in child advocacy work. 

In this interview, Bernier discussed the organization’s latest prevention initiatives—the Pledge to Prevent Campaign and the Pass the Prevention Package Legislation Campaign—along with a variety of ways people can get involved. She strongly encouraged all residents to explore these projects and support its advocacy work however they can. 

“If there are listeners and viewers out there who really want to do something that is not difficult but they really want to be on the record as preventing child sexual abuse, please go to and make that extra step to send a letter to your representative,” Bernier said. 

Resources mentioned in the video:  

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