MALN Opinion+: Dr. Brenda Cassellius

Hugo Balta

Description of the video:  

Welcome to MALN Opinion+! We are excited to have a weekly program dedicated to discussing the concerns and opinions of Massachusetts’s Latino community.

This week we spoke to Dr. Brenda Cassellius, the superintendent of Boston Public Schools, on the new reopening timeline for this spring, resources available to families, and BPS’ main objectives for 2021.     

In 2020, about 37% of Latino households did not have broadband internet access and 32% did not have a computer for their children to use for online schooling, according to SOMOS. While 58% of Latino parents said they had difficulty communicating with teachers. In this week’s episode, learn all about Boston Public Schools’ ongoing initiatives to improve equity and family support—such as providing thousands of Chromebooks to students, secure wifi for families, and new technology to improve communication between parents and schools, along with a wide variety of other services. 

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Photo credit: Boston Herald