MALN Opinion+: Carolyn Kirk

Hugo Balta


Happy Friday, everyone, and welcome to MALN Opinion+, a weekly series airing every Friday. This is a space for our opinions, where we talk about current events and questions the Latino community is curious about!

Our world is seemingly always on the brink of something new. Every year we’re introduced to new life-changing technology that changes and improves all facets of our life from how we post on Twitter to how we receive care at a hospital. As these changes emerge it is important that these innovations are created fairly, ethically, and inclusively for accessibility to all people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, and demographic. This is why the promotion of and advocacy for diversity in organizations and corporations of S.T.E.M. fields are paramount. 

This week on MALN Opinion+ we’re joined by Carolyn Kirk, Executive Director of The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. MassTech is a state agency that works to strengthen and enrich the tech and innovation economy of Massachusetts by diversifying the industries located here. In turn, they cultivate vibrant, robust communities through the creation of jobs, and expedition of innovation. 

The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative is home to an assortment of organizations that create pathways for diverse groups of youth to learn more about S.T.E.M. fields, how they can become educated in them, and how to find jobs at innovative companies. 

Director Kirk explained that there is an enormous demand for talent in the tech industries of Massachusetts. This allows them to, “Create opportunities and tap the untapped talent that is out there by opening doors and giving them the tools to enter these types of professions.” There are a number of programs MassTech offers to support diversity in tech. Programs like TechFoundry and Hack.Diversity. These programs offer applicants the opportunity to propose creative projects to increase the successful placement of underrepresented groups in tech internships, apprenticeships, and other tech-sector jobs. 

To hear more about the programs MassTech provides and Director Kirk’s thoughts on the growing technology industry be sure to watch this week’s episode below! 

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Cover photo credit: Gloucester Times