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MALN Opinion+

MALN Opinion+: Carolina De Jesus

Welcome to another episode of MA Latino News Opinion+ where we talk about major issues the Latinx and other underrepresented communities face in the state of Massachusetts. 

This week we spoke with Carolina de Jesus, Chief Executive Officer of the Boston Higher Education Resource Center.

The Boston Higher Education Resource Center is an organization that helps equip first-generation youth of underrepresented communities get access to higher education. De Jesus used to serve as the Program Director of the Passport to College program which equips students with mentors and classes that focus on how to be successful in higher education.

The Biden Administration recently announced and implemented a way to forgive student debt. Launching in October, students will be able to complete an application to see if they qualify for loan forgiveness. We talk with De Jesus about the impact this program has on students in Massachusetts and how her organization is helping students get access to aid to attend higher education. Residents can reach De Jesus’ office at 617-221-6495.

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