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Luis Espinoza to launch New England’s first Latino-owned brewery

For Luis Espinoza, a passion for brewing began with baking.

D’Lucio was the family bakery in his native Peru where they had a production center and three locations. “Making bread is not that different from brewing beer”, Espinoza remembers. “When I explained the brewing process to my dad, he told me, “Ahora haces pan liquido.” Now, you make liquid bread.”

The professional chef began to brew over ten years ago in Boston. Then in 2017, launched Roundhead Brewing Company, devoting his time to create the brand and signature recipes for a unique, artisan-style of craft beer.

Now, he and his partner Craig Panzer, who he met at their children’s youth soccer game, plan to open New England’s first Latino-owned brewery by August in the Westinghouse Plaza complex in Hyde Park.

Espinoza (left) and Panzer (right) celebrate National Beer Day

“Being the first Latino brewer in New England is so exciting,” Espinoza said in an interview with WFXT. “Every culture has a little bit to offer in the brewing world. I hope, with this brewery, I can give opportunities to others.”

“I could not, would not, open a brewery if not for Luis Espinoza, says Panzer of his partner. “The guy is an amazing chef, caring father, and his love for brewing is contagious.”

According to Roundhead’s website, Great beer is the starting point for our mission: Bringing people together in our neighborhood taproom. Hyde Park is a diverse community, and we could think of no better place for New England’s first Latino-owned brewery.

In addition to opening the brewery and taproom later this year, Espinoza and Panzer are exploring getting Roundhead Brewing beer on retail shelves.

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