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From Puerto Rico with style! LSC Swag is Championing Social Norm with Uber Cool Ethical Urban Designs That Inspire Change

PUERTO RICO - November 23, 2020 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - Individuals looking to challenge the status quo on social justice have an ally with LSC Swag.

LSC Swag is an unapologetic, edgy and sustainable urban brand you can believe in. The woke brand offers a range of merchandise including graphic t-shirts, tote bags, stickers and pins featuring, bold, witty and “in your face” designs specially curated to spark conversation and develop social awareness that ultimately leads to action. The messages emblazoned on its merchandise celebrate Afro-Latinx identity, the power of poetry, advocate for gender and racial equality, scream decolonization and an end to violence against women.

Founded by a very creative and badass Boricua, LSC Swag celebrates and honors the latinx culture while standing up for what’s right. When asked about her motivation for creating a social justice brand, Jessica Muñoz explained: “I was becoming increasingly restless with the racism against Afro-Latinx in the Latinx, Caribbean and Diaspora Communities as well as various other injustices occurring within marginalized communities. I needed to do something to bring about change. As a poet, I know the impact of words. So I thought, what better way to raise social awareness and inspire change than by creating designs that give a voice to our communities. If I can empower people to make socially conscious statements with their fashion sense and cents, then I’m that much closer to helping forge a positive impact in our communities. We can all be agents of change.”

LSC Swag also uses its social media platforms to talk about, educate and raise awareness on current social issues, discuss environmental causes, provide local resources to those in need in Puerto Rico, share social statistics about Puerto Rico and much more.

But it’s not just about raising awareness. LSC Swag is guided by its core values and invested in social and environmental impact. Consequently, all their products are made to order to reduce waste and energy and 90% of their cotton t-shirts are eco-friendly. What’s more is that they choose to use a more expensive printing method, Direct to Garment (DTG) specifically because it is a more sustainable method than screen printing. As it relates to packaging, the brand uses eco-friendly packaging that are either biodegradable or recyclable. Muñoz has big goals for the brand, hoping to start creating pieces made from recycled fabrics and dreams of when the collections can have all of its pieces 90% or above carbon neutral and creating innovative solutions with the help of philanthropic partnerships.

Feeling inspired? Swipe up one of their cool AF powerful swag pieces and spark a conversation today. LSC Swag's high-quality merch are all competitively priced and available in a range of sizes. Part proceeds of all sales are donated to local initiatives and community organizations. For further information or to browse the collection, visit

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