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Leaving Machismo Behind: Watching My Dad Become a Supportive Feminist

From the left: Maria Elena’s dad, Maria Elena, and sister Samantha

In our special issue of Pero Make It Newsy, we open up about our relationships with our dads and take a look at the bonds between fathers and daughters.

Maria Elena discusses her dad’s journey away from machismo to become an incredibly supportive feminist in his daughters’ lives. Meanwhile, Nikki gives a sweet inside look at her relationship with her dad and how he’s helped her speak better Spanish. 

“I love my dad, but like all fathers, he has his flaws and I’ve seen glimpses of when the machismo comes out. Machismo, which is an internal code for men to act tough, is something many Latino men struggle with. My mother, sister and I have called him out many times when he chooses to not show his emotions properly. But as we’ve all got older, and as he’s become more of a caretaker to my mom, he’s shown us (and I hope himself), how much of a feminist icon he really is,” Maria Elena writes.

Maria Elena’s tribute to her father shows how she has watched her dad struggle with machismo and how much he has grown to become a feminist. 

“Como Se Dice?” How My Dad Empowers Me to Speak Better Spanish

Nikki and her dad

In Nikki’s own tribute to her dad, she shares how much she’s come to rely on him to improve her Spanish and feel good about her Chilean roots. 

“When my siblings and I were kids, my Dad loved letting us say Spanish words wrong because he thought it was adorable. He’d shut down anyone who wanted to correct us, whether that person was a kind stranger or his mama. In fact, I said secena (sandia/watermelon) and totona (McDonald’s) for way longer than I should have,” she writes.

“But as I grew up, my Dad was always there to help me make sense of the two languages swimming in my head.” 

This Father’s Day issue by your favorite Latina newsletter curators also touches on all the different facets surrounding fatherhood –– from relationships with their children, to mental illness and making sure they’re supportive parents. We take a look at a beautiful photo series of gay fatherhood, as well as the importance of self care. As an added bonus, the new issue includes a touching (and tear-jerking) song about fatherhood.

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